GTI Screensaver 2009

GTI Screensaver 2009

An animated screensaver with pictures of the GTI car
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Volkswagen SA

GTI Screensaver 2009 is an animated screensaver with pictures of this Volkswagen car.
This screensaver is installed in the system. You can use Windows Screensaver settings to configure the time the computer is idle before launching this screensaver. You can define if the logon screen should be displayed or not on resume. Clicking on the "Settings" button normally gives you access to some parameters of the screensaver that can be changed. In case of this screensaver the "Settings" button just opens the window with information about the program, since GTI Screensaver has not any configurable parameters.

When launched, this screensaver randomly displays static images showing details of the interior and exterior of a red Volkswagen GTI car, panning over that images, that will fade out and fade in continuously. The Volkswagen logo and the text "It´s a GTI" will remain on the upper-right corner of the screen all the time. The screensaver will become interrupted, and the normal operation of the computer will be resumed, if you move your mouse or press the ESC key.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • Free
  • Displays nice images of GTI


  • It does not allow you to add music, or change the images
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